10 von 30

10 von 30

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Forgive the in-your-face comment about the comment, but what a poster child case-in-point for blogging arrogance your comment is.

It made me think about my posts. I look forward to reading more. Guy Kawasaki makes some interesting comments on PowerPoint presentations he sees on a regular basis….

Worked immediately for me. I agree that PP presentations should be made as painless as possible. Edward Tufte also has some general presentation tips: A summary can be found at: I used to be of the same opinion, but then I saw this presentation video by Dick Hardt: Too seldom I encounter any referrences to being.

Too seldom I encounter any references to being. I completely agree on you, especially about the font size. I always use at least 30 points.

And I more and more tend to use slides with only two or three words on it. Watch the presentations of Steve Jobs and learn.

Welcome to the blogging community, Guy! I really appreciate this. Good to have you here as an actual blogger. Simple, memorable and it makes sense!

Guy, great to have you in blogging space. Why do entrepreneurs try to educate e. VC specialized in mobile industry with market data rather than explain some insights which have enabled them to set up a business with true competitive advantage.

I have been working with a number of startups in the past decade, and I continuously struggle with founders about their powerpoint addictions: As a special service to Lotus Marketing: Point is — people have short attention span.

They want information quickly, without the hassles of noise too much data or errors not enough knowledge. The detailed plan forces understanding.

The presentation presents the highlights. I also saw the identity 2. It went wonderful and has caused a great deal of impact. I found that one of the best things is that people have no other choice than to pay attention to the presenter, instead of reading ahead of the presentation.

What not to do in a presentation: I also recommend using Keynote. Where would u include finance in those slides.

I tried to contain my presentation in 10 slides but that is one more slide i have to put in. Last discussion I had with some angel investors, whole meeting turned in discussion rather than power pt controlling the flow.

Guy, do me a favor: So, if you make those who want you money stick to a renamed elevator pitch rule, please do so with your funded companies as well.

So yes, great advice. I have been attemptinng to follow it for years. Anything over 8 months is a guess. There are far to many bad presentations out there.

Edward Tufte dislikes PowerPoint and explains why in an article about the contribution of PowerPoint to the Columbia disaster. Guy Kawasaki has posted some great guidelines for delivering effective PowerPoint presentations at his blog see it here.

It goes something like this: No presentation should be bigger than 10 slides, last lon…. He describes, a PowerPoint presentation should have ten slides, last no more than twenty minutes, and contain no font ….

Nice to see you getting into the blogging world: Not the first time hes done this particular pitch but then again, Martin Luther King Jr.

I suspect you would have looked extensively. Resume of the guy who watched Tsunami tags: Design gtd leadership Speaking…. I was just wondering what you were up to these days!.

Thanks for the post, I will definitely use it. An article making the rounds today discusses effective Power Point presentations for venture capitalists.

Sifting through bookmarks again. This time I came across a bunch of great posts on entrepreneurism, hiring, and advice on fundraising.

What Guy Kawasaki advocates is nothing more th…. Guy Kawasaki, who has now launched a blog, has some good advice for anyone considering a powerpoint presentation: I have to prepare usually 2 to 3 slide shows a week.

Granted, I am not a venture capitalist, but those rules are a big help. Guy Kawasaki wants you to clean up your Power Point mess.

And this was one of the most valuable resources that I ran across since this is exactly what I hate to…. Flying text, sound effects, animation and retina-burning colour combinations are included in PowerPoint presentations for one reason: Ok, so Im way late with this.

Ill blame CES Anyhow, here is my list of some interesting articles for the week ending December 31, Hugh Macleod works his magic — David Sifry.

Good and Bad Procrastinators — Paul…. I have been making slideshows since , back when it took 4 hours to make the original art for a color slide.

PowerPoint is very good, and fast, for making outstanding slide shows. I agree with Guy on his approach to slide shows.

Business pitches are a little different than training programs, but there is much more to developing a presentation. Review this article I wrote regarding visual communication http: The most important part of the presentation is the complete, expert knowledge of the subject matter by the presenter.

Remember, the slide show is there to support the message and information transfer. It is NOT the message. PowerPoint is a tool.

It does not relieve the presenter of being and integral part of the presentation and message transfer, regardless of whether it is a business presentation or a training program.

Follow the url http: My post included a period at the end of the sentence which was included in the url. The article is worth a read.

No more than 10 slides No more than 20…. In my experience the best presentations have hardly any text in them. I was once told a great presentation consists of three consistent parts: Hook, Point, Illustration and ends with Punch.

While for a somewhat different audience, and old not necessarily computer-related , I find these helpful as well: Bruce Randall Donald at Dartmouth College: Are we all now supposed to create a complementary supporting document too?

Maybe the problem is as Tufte says — powerpoint itself? Cuando iniciamos el desarrollo de un contenido on-line siempre nos enfrentamos al mismo problema, el experto en el tema no suele saber nada de e-learning y nosotros sabemos aun menos sobre el tema del curso: Guy Kawasaki A PowerPoint presentation should have ten slides, last no more than twenty minutes, and contain no font smaller than thirty points.

Userful, I hope have chance to show you my PPT in your rules. FOB business forum,A professional forum in China, if you have time, please have a look.

When preparing a slide desk for a presentation I often look at other Microsoft talks and sometimes borrow….

We also offer a scholarship search engine, private student loans and federal student loan applications. We would be honored if we could be added to this great blog.

We are from http: This is very useful information for everyone! Thank you for sharing this. I also got a chance to hear this from Guy first hand from his presentation at San Jose State University.

In addition, I took notes on his presentation and posted them here on my blog: I truly dislike PowerPoint presentations.

I know they have their place and have phenomenal advantages in some situations, but every time I am subjected to one, no matter how good i….

Je viens de tomber par hasard sur le blog de Guy Kawasaki. A PowerPoint presentation should have ten slides, last no more than twenty minutes, and contain no font smaller than 30 pt.

Making it interactive is one possibility. He is on target with most of his thoughts and his recent post regarding VC presentations is a good read.

Guy has also chimed in on VC …. I suck at presentations.. Ive come a long way from where I was a couple of years ago, but hey, its a work in progress.

A Client told me the other day this uebertruth: NEVER use the same presen…. Many presentations, especially in the insurance business, are not exciting.

Yet there are many resources for quality presentations. We have found these posts both short like a good presentation and helpful. Hey, this is kind of cool.

The topic is how to contribute to the Ruby on Rails open source project. Expanded and improved a lot, with a whole lot of help from Gary at Thumbrella.

Giving a presentation can be a great way to use a bit more creativity at work than you might usually be able to do — or it can be a chance to drone on at the fr.

Well if I can learn any of the Steve Jobs magic then yes, they probably can so I decided to register…. As predicted there was no working projector, no cd- rom in for the laptop, and no microphone.

Even though we were told to expect all three. Having read your book, I was fully prepared to belt out my presentation with no slides and I proceeded to follow your instructions to the letter.

As a result I made two great Angel connections at the luncheon. Can you figure out what the sign says? Makes good sense to me.

I see too many long winded presentations. I also like to use charts rather than bullet points, and talk around it. The best advice is often the simplest; Remember three numbers Apply what they represent Youll make better PowerPoint Presentations.

Guy Kawasaki tells you how. Is this tongue in cheek, or will an MBA truly destroy company value early on? If yes, what are the characteristics of the typical MBA that would put this drag on the organization?

Hundreds of attendees have paid and given up time to learn something only to …. Guy Kawasaki did a book called Art of the Start.

He posts about that in his blog as well. This time, however, he has a video out. Both instructional and entertaining.

I cut down on coffee and chocolate and inhale steam whenever my sinuses feel clogged. I get about 3 attacks of vertigo per year.

Maybe God is telling you to move to Hawaii! Like most people, Ive sat through more than my fair share of really lousy presentations in w….

Meiner Meinung nach sollte di…. I can not open the pictures. I am a font 24 or a font 20 user and tend to think that I am pretty effective.. No longer does Really Bad PowerPoint kill only brain cells and patience.

Now it kills US soldiers. I have resisted commenting on Really Bad PowerPoint here because so many others do it better.

Seth Godin coined the phrase, and Garr. His approach is to make your point visually with your presentation — not with text.

The science behind it is that people remember visuals but not text. Let your pictures do the talking… and talk about your pictures.

Guy Kawasaki Many people ask me for advice about getting a job in Silicon Valley, so heres the inside scoop. Not everyone will agree with this advice, and some will outright deny what Im saying, but if you use….

All too true, even in Europe where communication is in English, which the majority of the participants use as their second language. The objective should be clarity above all and yet people bog themselves down with dozens of slides which the presenter more or less, reads.

Big time venture capitalists have hundreds, if not thousands, of business plans sent to them from aspiring entrepreneurs every month.

As an entrepreneur looking for funding from venture capitalists, you would count yourself fortunate if one of them sin….

More precisely, I hate my PowerPoint. Granted, I know the rules, but apparently, I also like to sound of my own voice and the look of my own words.

Conceptually, I well understand that less is more. Keith Robinson reflects on the first year of running a business tags: Un projecteur qui ne fonctionne pas.

You hit in on the head. I laughed when you mentioned the 10 point type. I saw one of those recently. Keep up the great posts!

Thanks, Guy, we just pressed our presentation to 10 slides with big letters — and that was a real good exercise.

Point out the most important topics, forget the line of explanations, the special developed graphics and so on. It will be interesting to see and report, how our European VC-People accept such a presentation.

I think, they are not used to 10 slides, so you get attention — but in Europe they might think you took it a bit to lazy.

We are building the community, which was lost at other marketplaces. Guy is a funny and engaging speaker, and a good choice to kick of….

I recently sat through a 75 minute Power Point presentation with over slides! He was a lot better speaker 5 years ago — at least I could remember the points he made.

Audio of the Day: The powerpoint-driven conference meets the un-conference keynoter. In the last couple of months more and more bloggers have been catching onto the power of [digg] http: Bloggers have realized that if they get their blog on the homepage of digg or Netscape thousan….

As part of my role here at Microsoft, I spend a significant amount of time in LiveMeeting doing presentations. I made a good great? Ten is the optimal number of slides in a PowerPoint presentation because a normal human being cannot comprehend more than ten concepts in a meeting and venture capitalists are very normal.

The only difference between you and venture capitalist is that…. Some now and then; others at every given opportunity. It would be fantastic to hear a bit more about your thoughts on the iPhone, the positive challenge it throws on S60 and….

PowerPoint can either make the sale, or kill it. It can either stir an audiences mind, or put them to sleep. It will either keep your audience focused on you, or on the slides that youre trying to talk to them about.

For sales presentations, I follow and train people in the 3-to-5 rule: As I like to do business as unusual, here is the first of a series of Top-Ten lists.

Usually, you publish that kind of thing at the end of the year. I like to publish mine after everybody, at the.

Seth Godin recently reposted his views on how so many companies create really bad powerpoint decks with uninspiring, boring information presentation.

His key message — a picture is worth a 1, words. Can you trust job candidate intervie…. What I like about your post is that it quantifies what makes an effective presentation, something very useful for technically-minded people like yours truly.

I wish I could have read that four years ago when I was giving powerpoint presentations it seems like daily at USC. I also think and others may attest to it: Present the best you can, and if you have to, use powerpoint.

I think specifially of presentations intent on presenting research results. And by RE I mean Renaissance Entrepreneur, a term coined and slightly explored in the previous post of this blog.

Here are a couple of links that will help you give extraordinary presentations. First time visitor, found my way here through the links from some local blogs.

Great post and sage words regarding power point and pitching. Also wanted to mention a rule that has served me well called the 6X6 rule for text slides.

No more than 6 bullets per page of 6 words per bullet. This way your bullets are speaking points to remind you what to say and avoid that painful reading from the slide thing.

Alternately a picture really is worth a thousand words and if you can make your point with a picture it can add variety to the presentation.

We see a fair number of formal and informal pitches presentations to the uninitiated. I was asked to be part of a review panel today my parting advice was the now famous rule: Best presentation on SlideShare is not the Best presentation live!

There is a fundamental mistake presentors make when using visual aids such as powerpoint. They confuse their notes which is a roadmap to know what to say and in what order , with visual aids which should only be used when a visual can render a concept more effectively than words.

SlideShare presentations however, do not have a presenter. Nobody is sitting next to you to comment on the slides.

Therefore it OK to have more text than you would if it were a live presentation. Nobody would think that a great TV ad could be a great radio ad and vice versa.

Therefore, the conclusion is this: Finally someone who also is annoyed from dozens of powerpoint slides.

Some people seem that they just want to show how much they can do with ppt and forget about the audience. This often results in frustrat….

Came across Guy Kawasakis blog last night. I particularly like his Top 3 posts, which offer good advice for those seeking VC money. The use of the PowerPoint presentation has been a disaster.

It should be ditched. Based on 12pt Arial, the template was impossible to read, even close to the screen.

The year after, when Cynefin went independent …. I feel powerpoint has completely taken the creativity out of presentations.

Most everyone else should stick to a flip chart and magic marker. When you are preparing a presentation, you have to determine if you are teaching or preaching.

I recommend you read the entire post, but here are some key points: I mean this in the best possible way: Guy, you are a genius.

But those who endure and use it on the regular… kudos… I doubt very hightly that you are having fun.

I just finished writing a speech and building a PowerPoint presentation for a client. How ubiquitous PowerPoint is these days!

This is a speech designed to persuade the audience to use the services of an organization which they distrust and. I recently attended an errors and omissions insurance seminar that featured a power point.

I was shocked that people still create power points that are word for word with what the speaker is saying.

Please never do that. I was always told to only use LIGHT colored backgrounds so that meeting attendees could take notes on the printed presentation.

Any thoughts on this? Nothing really important can be reduced to power-point. Would Franklin Roosevelt have put anything he ever said in a Power-Point presentation?

Look me in the eye and tell me what you want to do. I can understand it without the C. So here it is — Form….

The most obvious of course is conference lectures. It is becoming more and more common even in dusty disciplines like mine: Finally, though some of my colleagues forget this, it is true of teaching.

Students, whatever we choose to believe, can only digest so much information at a time, can only read print that is so small, and have short attention spans.

As it happened, Guy Kawasaki was one of the keynote speakers at the conference, and I had the pleasure of.

This industry is starting just now, they have a lot of room to grow. Their stock is going to hit through the roof.

People who get in and purchase early will reap a truck load of money. Their stock symbol is MDFI. Their stock is going to hit the roof because of the recent announcements with bringing personal health information through iphone.

Folks who get in now will see this stock price increase multiple times. Also check this Webpage where they have some more information about the stock http: In a blog p….

Aspaldiko maczaleon artean izen ezaguna da Guy Kawasakirena, bera izan baitzen bere garaian Macintoshen aldeko ebanjelizazioa egiteko EvangeList posta zerrendaren arduradun eta sustatzailea.

Steve Jobsen enpresak erabiltzaileen sustenguar…. As an intrapreneur you will have great ideas all the time at least I have: But occasionaly you really have an idea, you are so convinced of, that you ….

I agree…for this reason you need a great presenter, rather than a great presentation…. Much has been written about different techniques for giving explosive, emotion-filled presentations My….

This is the second post in our series on how to run a startup and develop a product. In part one, How To Bootstrap Your Startup, we outlined the process of bootstrapping your company into existence.

In this post, we…. I suggest to bloggers such as yourself: The following text could have the rest, the clever chatter, and other details.

There is so much to read these days, I wonder why people post two or three paragraphs of usually not-funny, not-interesting text. At least, I wonder this when I read info-type articles.

I read your article for the info, which I liked, and thank you for it. Sorry for my own wordiness. Thanks for your time and energy.

Ever make a Powerpoint? Of course you have and in high school we do it a lot. Until Guy Kawasaki came along, most people would type everything they could onto their Powerpoint into tiny 3 point font and then j….

This was a great bit of advice.. Entertaining post, but ultimately great advice on presenting. T a av dig skorna. Lodrätt nio har bara fyra rutor.

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